Rob Walters has authored the following technical books :  

  • Voice Information Systems Published by NCC/Blackwell (ISBN 1-85554-080-0)  

  • Computer Telephone Integration (Edition 1) Published by Artech House (ISBN 0-89006-660-4)  

  • Computer Telephony Integration (Edition 2) Published by Artech House (ISBN 0-89006-969-7)

  • Computer Mediated Communication: Multimedia Applications Published by Artech House (ISBN 0-89006-757-0)  

  • CTI in Action Published by Wiley (ISBN 0-471-96824-2)

CTI book

Computer Telephone Integration (Telecommunications Library) CTI book $title - $author
Mail us if you want further details. We have a few copies of most of these books and can supply them.

Rob's recent writing can be found at Books and Writing

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