Ghost Tours of Haunted Oxford
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Oxford is a haunted city, especially as night falls. Join me as we visit the haunts of :

  • Bookish Ghosts – Spirits that haunt the libraries of the Oxford Colleges
  • Graveyard Ghosts – The natural environment for both Town and Gown ghosts
  • Helpful Ghosts – Hauntings that have given help at troubled times
  • Innocent Ghosts – Those that have died unjustly and return to prove their innocence
  • Jilted Ghosts – Spirits who have been betrothed and then deserted
  • Modest Ghosts – Those who died with more concern for their modesty than their life
  • Monastic Ghosts – Monks who return to the their old haunts and haunt the present generation
  • Musical Ghosts – Those who return with a love for music and those who demonstrate a hatred for it
  • Pub Ghosts – Public houses are full of spirits, here are a few who have haunted the watering holes of Oxford
  • Royal Ghosts – Kings and their concubines that seem unwilling to leave this mortal coil
  • Scary Ghosts – The devil called to earth and the unseen movements of a heavyweight spirit
  • Watery Ghosts – Oxford is a watery city and with that comes spirits that haunt the rivers and streams of the city
Tour Details
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The tour lasts from one to two hours, as required.
Meet at Worcester Street Car Park (Nuffield College entrance gates) or the Martyrs Memorial (St Giles) – or anywhere else in the city by arrangement.
The end point is usually determined at the commencement of a tour, but can be arranged for a particular place or pub.
The tour covers town and gown ghosts – i.e. colleges and the streets of Oxford.
Maximum group size is normally 20, above that the atmosphere of walking the streets of Oxford by night may be lost.
The ghost stories recounted are valid experiences by the person or person originally reporting them, but we cannot attest to their veracity.
Accompanied children are welcome, but the tour is not for the very young.
The route varies slightly according to tour length and circumstances but usually includes the following streets and stopping points within the city centre:
  •  Broad Street – Trinity College
  •  New College Lane – New College, the Queen’s College and Teddy Hall
  •  Brasenose Lane
  •  Radcliffe Square
  •  The High – Magdalen College and Bridge
  •  Merton Street – Meadow gates
  •  Magpie Lane
  •  The Turl – The Mitre
  •  Blue Boar Street – The Bear
  •  Pembroke Street – Various
  •  Old Greyfriars Street – Monastery
  •  Castle and Prison environs.

St George's Tower
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