Rogue Male Trail
A tour of Oxford by Rob Walters

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This trail follows the lives and exploits of a number of roguish males through their associations with Oxford, involving visits to colleges and other places of interest in the city. Best at night, but also suitable for a day-time tour, this trail passes Wadham, Trinity, Exeter, Balliol and University Colleges; some of the famous pubs of Oxford such as the Lamb and Flag and Kings Arms; and some relevant city locations such as the Playhouse and Annabelinda's shop.

You will enjoy the stories and the sights. Nearly all of the rogues have strong literary associations, they include:

Graham Greene - author
Lord Rochester (John Wilmot) - libertine
Sir Richard Burton - explorer
Robert Maxwell - megalomaniac
Bill Clinton - ex-president
Richard Burton - actor
William Davenant - poet laureate
Howard Marks - canabis smuggler
Percy Shelley - poet


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