Oxford by Night: The Pub Tour

The  Pubs of Oxford tour is organised by Guild of Guide and long term CAMRA member Rob Walters. In a varied route it covers a selection of the central pubs of Oxford, some old some new, some dead, some thriving. Through a lively discourse you will hear about the history of the pubs, some of the odd events that have taken place in them over the years, and their real and spiritual visitors. We do enter some of the pubs so you can purchase real ale, inspect the toilets, etc. At the end of the tour there is the pub quiz to beat all pub quizzes - a quiz on the pubs of Oxford! Beautiful place, historic city, fascinating lanes and alleys, and of course a fine selection of ancient and modern pubs each with a story to tell and something good to sell. The pub tour of Oxford is an experience never to be forgotten, it’s something to tell your friends about and something that can be traced and retraced.

The tour is not a pub crawl – well not exactly. It is educational, you get a glimpse of history and a chance to enjoy the evening life of a city that is known throughout the world. At the same time you get to go into a selection of pubs with a group that want the same from life as you do – enlightenment, alcoholic refreshment and atmosphere.

A typical tour might include the following:

The Mitre  -- Visit
The Bear
The Wheatsheaf
Chequers -- Visit
The Crown Inn and Tavern
The Purple Turtle
The Turf
Far from the Madding Crowd
The Gloucester Arms
The Eagle and Child -- Visit

Plus details of the 'dead' pubs along the way

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