Oxford by Night

Rob Walters Tours

This fascinating city is transformed into a place of great mystery as darkness descends and the streetlights cast their amber glow through its lanes and alleyways. Explore the darker side of Oxford at night with a qualified guide. Thrill to the many reported hauntings in the colleges, pubs and streets. Be shocked by the lives and exploits of its roguish residents of the past. Down a pint of real ale and hear about the history of Oxford’s pubs and inns.

The Pub Tour

Visit many of Oxford’s historic and popular pubs, entering a few to sample the ale. Your guide Rob Walters has consuming interest in pubs - he was the founding chairman of CAMRA in Suffolk. He will tell you of the pub’s origins, the happenings over the years and the jokes that abound in the pub world. The tour finishes with the famous pub quiz of Oxford pubs.

The Ghost Tour

Oxford at night can be a scary place, especially when you hear of all of the hauntings in its ancient and modern buildings. Your Rob Walters wrote the book on Oxford's ghosts, Haunted Oxford. He will take you to the most haunted places and recreate the ghosts of Oxford for you.

Rogues of Oxford Tour

Oxford has seen its share of rogues, most of them likeable. Your guide will retrace the footsteps of characters such as  Richard Burton - the actor and Sir Richard Burton the explorer, Bill Clinton - famous ex-president of the USA, Howard Marks - cannabis smuggler, Graham Greene – author, Lord Rochester – libertine and poet, plus Robert Maxwell, William Davenant and Percy Shelley. See Rob Walters' forthcoming book on the rogues of Oxford entitled Rogue Male Trail for more details.


Tours last for up to two hours. They usually begin at 7.30 pm in the centre of the city. Cost is normally £5 per person, minimum 8 people. Group bookings welcome.

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